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The Gathering - Generations of mankind as mere spectators of "life" and "death"

Movie of the week – “The Gathering” starring Christina Ricci, …….

A short synopsis: -
Its about a girl’s journey in modern day settings, she met a group of strange people that seem to appear wherever she went. She can’t remember who she is or where she came from. To cut the story short, a group of anonymous persons came from all over the land to watch the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. As the story goes, God put a curse on those people who came to watch the death of Jesus because they did not do anything to save Him. The girl happened to be there 2000 years ago while she was passing through the land during the crucifixion of Jesus and saw His death by accident but she received the curse as well but in the end of the story, her curse was lifted because she tried to help a family that was destined to die by the hands of a brutal killer. And so, these groups of zombies were cursed to go travel the world throughout the centuries to watch wherever death occurs; at every car accident, murder and all manner accidents that result in cruel death of a person or persons, there they will appear, standing nearby, watching.

Take Princess Diana for example, many people were fascinated with her life but many people also drove her to her death as they watched.

To the paparazzi of life and death, the busybodies anonymous – GET A LIFE! Get your own life and stop feeding off strangers’ scraps found by the roadside.
These are people do not even know all the names of the colleagues they work with or do not know or cannot stand the person sitting next to them.
Students who would care less about their fellow classmates; they can actually spend years studying in the same class but have never spoken to each other before; and yet these are the same people who prefer to be fanatical obsessed “FANS” of celebrities who are practically persons unknown to them, living thousands of miles away.

Whichever century you live in, just to name a few examples, there are always those people who like to watch and look at the suffering of other people.

These are not even including those who actually participate in the murderous act, as murderers are front row ticket holders who take pleasure in seeing life being snuffed out of a person. These are evil people who are not happy if they do not draw blood. They follow after the evils of Cain the first man who drew blood.

What about those spectators of death? Are they just as much to blame as the actual killer plunging the knife? Spectators of death take pleasure in seeing blood and have mankind become generations of bloodsuckers. Have we become generations of Dracula?

Perhaps mankind have become like vultures and jackals circling a dying body waiting to pick at the dead meat. People who get off in seeing death or else they will not feel rejuvenated without their daily dose of seeing red; drinking red wine satisfactorily with the thought of knowing that they have stamped and signed a document that will bring certain death to somebody somewhere.

You have the Amphitheatres and Hippodromes to watch Christians burn to death or watch gladiators fight to the death.

There were spectators watching a normal soccer game and end up being trampled to death; games that turned into violence because of obsessive fans and excessive betting and those who gamble their lives away and there are those who stood by and watch them do it.

Then there are those bloody idiots who create massive traffic jam because they stopped their cars in the middle of the road or drive by very slowly past the accident site to look at someone dying in a car accident.

Everyday there are those people that purposely refuse to feed the dying war torn or disaster hit nations or impoverished peoples in many countries and would rather throw away or destroy excess food supplies that they have at any given time because their excuse was that excess food supply will bring the price of the commodities down!

Banks have become bloodsuckers too; introducing debt to suck the life out of a nation or an individual.

Guns and weapons manufacturers creating a sense of false security and putting lethal weapons in the hands of children and those who are unable to control themselves. They create war in order to create a market to sell their weapons in mass production like toys. Bloodsuckers.
Has mankind learned anything from all these bloody wars, holocaust of nations throughout these thousands of years?

In smaller scale, nearly all restaurants and shops selling perishable food, would rather throw away the unsold foodstuff at the end of the day than to give them away to some homeless people just around the corner. Of course in many places there is no system in place to pick up unwanted foodstuff.

Of course this goes without saying those who plan to reduce world populations by slowly murdering them off by various silent methods.

Now I am not saying that everybody should panic and go out of their minds running around trying to help other people. Just stop and examine yourself with the Lord’s help to see where you stand. Make informed decisions as you go along in life.

Then there was this wildlife documentary that I saw on the television about 15 or 20 years ago. There was this group of scientists who put tracking devices on groups of animals like elephants, zebras, lions and et cetera in order to study their behaviours, migration pattern and living conditions. This group of scientists followed these animals for many months and sometimes years. In one episode, while they were filming the elephants and there was this female elephant giving birth to a baby elephant and the documentary crew caught that on film and continued to follow the migration pattern of that particular herd of elephants. A couple of months down the road, some sort of accident happened and the mother elephant was killed and none of the other elephants were willing to feed surviving baby elephant. The baby elephant kept on following the herd for weeks and months until it finally dropped dead from hunger. The filming crew kept on filming the herd as they watch the baby elephant die. Do you call that nature? Why those people did not attempt to capture the baby elephant and send it to a zoo or something? They were already tracking the herd of elephants religiously and faithfully day and night.

If the trackers where not there, it would be NATURAL for the baby elephant to die but since God asked mankind to subdue the wild animals and have dominion over the animal kingdom, it is UNNATURALLY CRUEL for mankind to watch an animal that they have been tracking and maintaining direct contact with, to die right in front of their eyes and not do anything about it.

So, are you a person who takes pleasure in gathering to watch a person die and not do anything about it?

Anti-Semitic Christians always blame the Jews for killing Jesus but there is one catch phrase in the Bible that obliterates the guilt of the Sanhedrin and all the Jews and the Romans that put Jesus to death. The devil however clouded people’s minds as he does not want them to understand this phrase so that he can continue to fan the fire of Anti-Semitism. Jesus already forgave them all at the cross (Luke 23:34). Jesus already said that the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins. Just as man learn to forgive each other’s sins and weaknesses, so that God can forgive our sins.

Some Jews of course argue that the Romans killed Jesus and not the Jews because it cannot be that they are so fickle minded to have shouted Hosanna to the Son of David one day and send him off to His death the next. But this is the main problem with crowds and spectators where everything is like a game to them and they easily switch sides and they do not represent the entire nation. One day they support Jesus because He gave them free food and next day they demand His crucifixion because He exposed and bring to light their errors, sins and weaknesses.

Luke 23:34
"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots."

Mark 11:25
“And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.”

Mark 11:26
“But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.”

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