Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Keeping the Faith

Sometimes there are "Parables" behind certain Movies but one should not take the entire movie too seriously.

Movie: - Keeping the Faith

Movie Tagline:-
"If you have to believe in something, you might as well believe in love."

p.s. My own synopsis:-
Ben Stiller's character "Rabbi Jake" was more afraid of breaking "the Judaism TRADITION" that he was preaching and adhere to than following God's actual commandments "the letter of the LAW" and that is "do not commit fornication / adultery" because it was clearly seen that he has no qualms about fornication which is a sin according to the LAW.

He was more afraid of what other people in his community think than putting his faith on the one he loves who will do anything to be with him even if it means conversion to Judaism.

Is TRADITION above the LAW of the God?
We are only "Man" and are bound to break either one or both.
So where do we draw the line? A line that it seems to look as if it is shifting all the time.
One may not be able to survive without the other and so we LIVE and LEARN together our Heavenly Father (Jesus of Nazareth) as children of God; keeping in mind that we as sons and daughters of God are NOT ABOVE our HEAVENLY FATHER.

Movie: - Primal Fear
The Scarlet Letter,
by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
When we opened the book to page
we discovered an underlined passage.
Could you please read this underlined passage to the court?
"No man, for any considerable period,"
"can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude"
"without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true."

Thank you.
What does that passage mean to you?
Objection. He's a policeman, not an English professor.
His interpretation will be speculative and irrelevant.
She didn't ask for an expert opinion. Witness can answer.
Well, to me it's simple.
The killer thought his victim was two-faced, dishonest in some way.
In your experience, captain,
do killers ever intentionally leave clues to their motive?
Not often, but it happens.

Quote from wikipedia:-
The Scarlet Letter (1850) is a novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, considered to be his
"magnum opus" and most famous work.[1] Set in 17th-century Puritan Boston, it tells the
story of Hester Prynne, who gives birth after committing adultery and struggles to create
a new life of repentance and dignity. Throughout the novel, Hawthorne explores themes of legalism, sin, and guilt.

Movie Tagline:
"Sooner or later a man who wears two faces forgets which one is real."
"Don't believe everything you see........"

My own synopsis:-
If a person hides behind a different character or characters for too long, sometimes it can become addictive and even somehow forms a security shield for a person to hide or live out his dream world while hoping not to get hurt in the process. In the end, an unguarded mind may end up very confused between his own life and the character he gets drawn into.

p.s. Take the movie Fight Club for example (I only discover and watched this movie in February 2010).
At the end of "the story on screen" the Narrator and Tyler Durden are the same person, but in real life Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are two different persons.
But if you take your job too seriously, like "acting" for example, "you may get bewildered as to which may be the true" - just like Brad Pitt got mixed up with Mr Smith and he went home to Mrs Smith instead of Jennifer Aniston (sorry, no offence intended to the named persons). Hollywood, Hollywood - Only in America! or does this confusion also happens all the time around the world too? Probably, most definitely, yes.
So what are we to do?
Decisions, decisions .......... you can always try to make the best out of the new path that you have chosen .......... and we shall see where we go from there ......... that part of the script is not yet written ..........


Aunt Frances (V.O): But no, I didn't think it was either of those reasons. They feared
her because she had a gift a power that has been passed on to you children. She had the gift of magic. And it was this very gift that saved her life. She was vanished to this very island. With her unborn child growing inside her belly. She waited for her lover to rescue her. But he never came. No one came. In a moment of despair, she cast a spell upon herself that she would never again feel the agony of love. But as her bitterness grew the spell turned into a curse. A curse on any man who dared love an Owens woman.


Young Sally: " He will hear my call a mile away. He will whistle my favorite song. He can ride a pony backwards."

Young Gillian: What are you doing?

Young Sally: Summoning up a true love spell. called Amas Veritas. " He can flip pancakes in the air. He'll be marvelously kind. And his favorite shape will be a star. And he'll have one green eye and one blue."

Young Gillian: Thought you never wanted to fall in love.

Young Sally: That's the point. The guy I dreamed of doesn't exist. And if he doesn't exist, I'll never die of a broken heart. And if he doesn't exist, I'll never die of a broken heart.

My own synopsis:-
But what if he does exist?
How will we know if it is true love or just a magical illusion.

Movie: - The Sixth Sense

My own synopsis:-
A love that endures forever even after death.

Sometimes, (Bruce Willis's character) the spirit forgets that he has passed on and still feels immense jealousy over his living spouse; scaring the living daylights out of her at times.

Romans 7:2
For the woman which hath an husband is bound by the law to her husband so long as he liveth; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband.

1 Corinthians 7:39
The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.

Bible Story of Isaac and Rebekah:-

My own synopsis:-
They pretended to be "brother" and "sister" in public so that the other one will not get killed and they get to maintain their privacy.

But a lie is a lie no matter how small - as it turns out a lie always makes things worse.

Genesis 26:7
And the men of the place asked him of his wife; and he said, She is my sister: for he feared to say, She is my wife; lest, said he, the men of the place should kill me for Rebekah; because she was fair to look upon.

Genesis 26:9
And Abimelech called Isaac, and said, Behold, of a surety she is thy wife; and how saidst thou, She is my sister? And Isaac said unto him, Because I said, Lest I die for her.

Genesis 26:10
And Abimelech said, What is this thou hast done unto us? one of the people might lightly have lien with thy wife, and thou shouldest have brought guiltiness upon us.

Genesis 24:67
And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah's tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her: and Isaac was comforted after his mother's death.

Genesis 25:20
And Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebekah to wife, the daughter of Bethuel the Syrian of Padanaram, the sister to Laban the Syrian.

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